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Team Dignitas was formed in September 2003, after the merger of two excellent Battlefield 1942 teams. The new ‘Dignitas’ Battlefield team went on to be very successful and after attending CeBIT (2004) we held discussions with ABIT and within a few months we had secured our first sponsor.

By steadily adhering to our initial plans and seizing opportunities as they emerged, we developed what is now an iconic professional gaming brand. We are now one of the world’s leading eSport organisations, with our players recognised across the globe, as they go about competing for major honours.

APH Gaming

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APH Gaming is a Sport Association that promotes the electronic sports, all competitions played on online video games. APH Gaming is one of the greatest Italian web communities widely distributed on the Italian territory. APH is divided into two main sections: content creation and competitions. In 2016 and 2017 we attended as HyperX and MSI Italy’s main partner to Romics, to Torino Comics, Lucca Comics&Games, Naples Comicon, Etna Comics and Milan Games Week. Index of the value of our project are the various stipulated partnership with HyperX, MSI Italy, AKRacing and Netgear, all world leaders in the peripheral and the hardware for gaming; eNgage focus drink producer and Erreà, official clothing supplier for APH Gaming. APH Gaming is present on social media with thousands of followers and a website dedicated to all our activities.


We support alot of dedicated streamers. We are actively searching for people to work with on all platforms.


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I began my professional eSports career as a Dota player in the early 2000’s. By “Dota” I mean the first comprehensive version of the beloved Warcraft 3 mod, which is now popularly referred to as “Dota 1”. Later on however, myself and many of my teammates transitioned to a very similar game, called Heroes of Newerth, which in general terms can be described as a “Dota 1 with better graphics”.

At that particular point in time I played in something known as The Pro League, but when all that eventually came to an end my attention shifted to casting/commentating, as well as event hosting, which is currently my full time job.


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Under construction


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My name is Lena. Everyone knows me as shushu! I’m 22 years old and living in Nürnberg/Germany. My parents are both from Croatia. I’ve played Counter-Strike since 2011 and played professionally for 3 years. My former teams are ALTERNATE, BMG, LGB. I started streaming in the end of 2014!


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I’ve always enjoyed playing since I was a little kid. First time I got in contact with online gaming was at age 8 seeing my brother playing World Of Warcraft so I tried it out and I loved it. However 2 days afterwards he deleted my character.

At age 13 I started playing World Of Warcraft myself and did so for over 5 years. I mainly play CS:GO but I also like games as Starwars the old republic & Hearthstone.


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Gothenburger who are self-proclaimed philosopher, inspiration and truth-teller. Positivity, harmony and visualization are my catchwords.


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My name is Derya but people know me as Megumi! I am 18 years old and live in Austria/Vienna. I started playing games at a very young age. I used to play a lot on Gameboy and Console. A few years ago I switched to the computer!
Now I stream games like League of Legends, H1Z1 and World of Warcraft but I’m always open for new games!


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This is Michela, known as Nisha. She has chosen this nickname because in Indian it means night and she has always been a lover of the night. She has been a bit of a nerd since she was young, often playing video games after midnight. We are talking about moments when computers were not used so much and she played at Commodore 64. Four years ago, she decided to start streaming to have fun with other people with the same interests. Now she is trying to do it as a job: it is not easy but she is trying and some satisfactions have arrived and she hopes that there will be others in the near future.

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